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Vulva art – abundant pubic hair

Abundant pubic hairThe ninth installment in the vulva art project series – abundant pubic hair.

The picture depicts female genitalia with pubic hair which has not been shaved, waxed or trimmed.

Contrary to earlier fashion trends, many modern women are allowing their pubic hair to grow out, which has many benefits including providing cushioning and protection against chafing, and providing protection against bacteria.

Clare xo

The Vulva Art Project

I am launching a feature called the vulva art project which will include a series of artistic photographs showcasing the beauty of vulvas and labia.

The feature is part of the pussy pride movement and the aim is to spread the message of acceptance and of embracing the beauty in diversity.

If you would like your vulva to be featured, please get in touch with me at

Here is the first in the series:

vulva art