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I have an outie clitoris

I am seventeen years old and I have an outie clitoris. That’s how I ended up on this site.

My boyfriend and I are sexually active and have sex regularly. I didn’t know what to do about it, he’s never said anything about it but all of my friends looked normal. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Every single one of the pornos I’ve seen the girl has the perfect tiny clit and I have been SO self-conscious about. I don’t like it at all but he says he likes it and he says it’s hot regardless of what I say so I guess it just depends on the guy.

The truth is, most guys won’t care whether the clitoris is larger or smaller, or whether it is more exposed or hidden. Remember, the clitoris is there to be source of pleasure and not a source of anxiety.

There are countless variations out there (from women with tiny hidden clitorises, to women with clitorises that swell when they are aroused). All of them are completely normal.

Depictions of women in mainstream porn are skewed and are certainly not representative of the huge array of variations of vulva physiology that is out there.

Clare xo

I have a pretty nice vagina

Ummm… Ya know… I have a vagina. It’s a pretty nice vagina. It functions as any other vagina that is healthy and in working order does… it bleeds once a month, it allows me to have orgasms whenever I or my fiance stimulate it just right. It’s never too wet or too dry, so we don’t need to use lube or any other help. It’s a pretty decent one, as far as vaginas go, I guess. I’ve never really cared to compare it to other vaginas.

One labia hangs down lower than the other

one labia hangs down lower than the other 2 one labia hangs down lower than the otherMy inner labia are asymmetrical, and I used to be a bit self-conscious about that. Basically one labia hangs down lower than the other.

I remember one of the first times I ever went to a gyno, I was watching the exam with a mirror, and I saw the doctor briefly looked at the bigger one with what I thought was a kind of puzzled expression. Whether she actually made that expression or I imagined it, it freaked me out for the longest time. I thought, this woman sees pussies all day, so if she thinks mine is weird than it must be really weird!

Like most of the other posters who said they were self-conscious when they were younger but less so now, I’m pretty much over caring about the asymmetry of it. When I first heard about plastic surgery options for the vulva, I briefly entertained the idea, but I decided it’s certainly not an issue worth all that time, pain, and money.

I may not have ever been told mine’s the prettiest pussy someone’s ever seen, but I have been told it’s the best he’s ever had. That’s more important in my book (especially with someone you care about). And I’ve never been told it’s weird or gross looking.

I think saying “pussy is pussy” from a man’s perspective is over-simplifying a bit, because they can certainly see and appreciate the fact that every woman is different. I do agree that they are in awe just to see it, though, and aren’t nearly as critical as we are.

Besides, my pussy’s way prettier than any ballsack, (yuck!), asymmetrical or not.

Thanks for your lovely submission 🙂 I absolutely love your positive attitude!

Clare xo

What is the growth at my vaginal entrance?

What is the growth at my vaginal entrance 2 What is the growth at my vaginal entranceWhat is the growth at my vaginal entrance? I am 24 years old and I have had sex a few times.

I don’t experience pain but I do have discomfort during sex as the growth makes it difficult for my boyfriend’s penis to penetrate me.

The tissue that you are referring to looks like the remnants of your hymen which was probably torn the first time you had sex or during another physical activity such as horse-riding.

It is nothing to be concerned about, but if it causes major discomfort during sex, it can easily be removed by a gynecologist or surgeon under local anesthetic.

Clare xo

Embarrassed by my outie labia

I have to admit that I am embarrassed by my outie labia.  Growing up I felt that it was abnormal.  I also wondered if after having my babies whether any obs or midwives ever thought it looked awful.

My husband has never had any complaints but then he loves me for me, not how I look, hell, he loves me even though I am overweight with a very large spare tyre and adult acne

I have never been a self confident person about my appearance and this is just another aspect of myself that I am self conscious of.

You are among the roughly 50% of women everywhere who have labia minora that protrude outside of their labia majora.  That statistic alone should show you how normal it is to have “outie labia”.

It is fantastic to hear that you have a loving husband who loves you as you are. I hope that in time, you will come to accept and embrace yourself as your husband accepts and embraces you. He sounds like a great catch – hang onto him!

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Clare xo

What causes a puffy swollen vagina during pregnancy

What causes a puffy swollen vagina during pregnancyI am 6 months pregnant and in the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my vagina is swollen. What causes a puffy swollen vagina during pregnancy?

It has also started to get very itchy, enough to wake me up at night. I started use wipes to clean myself but nothing seems to be helping. I haven’t asked my doc yet but I will at my next appointment.

There is an increase in blood flow to the area during pregnancy, as well as huge hormonal changes. All of this can cause swelling, itching or varicose veins in the vulva.

Here are some tips which might help:

  • Keep it cool and dry.
  • Do not wear any tight or synthetic clothes.
  • Wear only cotton panties or no panties at all (obviously only when it is safe to do so).
  • Wash well in all the folds with normal water and your fingers.
  • Pat yourself dry whenever you get wet down there.
  • Use ice packs covered in towels to cool it down and bring down the swelling.
  • Sit with your legs open to allow air to circulate (also only when it is safe to do so!).

Clare xo

My vagina lips get pulled on during sex

My vagina lips get pulled on during sexMy vagina lips get pulled on during sex sometimes because they stick out. I’ve always been self-conscious about them and I’m always trying to tuck them inside.

I have found that men really like it because they love looking at vaginas and mine is a very out there, in your face, no hiding it kind.

Funny though, even though I know this, I still try to tuck them up there at work! Lol!

Any tips to solve the problem that my vagina lips get pulled on during sex?

Thanks for getting in touch 🙂

You could try using a lubricant during sex to reduce the friction and pulling of your labia minora during penetration.

Also, make sure that you are fully aroused before penetration as this creates natural lubrication and the opening of the vaginal canal, so plenty of foreplay is a good idea.

Water-based lubricants are the best, and they are also safe to use with condoms.

I hope this helps!

Clare xo

Grossed out by my outie vagina

I used to be grossed out by my outie vagina. Since finding this site, I realize that my outie is not at all gross and my vagina is quite lovely without being tucked in.

I’m really sad that so many of my fellow outies feel ashamed of their perfectly normal, healthy vaginas.

Vulvas don’t come completely bald and tucked-in

Not every guy has a massive erection that is at a 90 degree+ angle, clean shaven and circumcised. Not every girl has enormous, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly perky boobs with no ‘judder’ unless they have implants. Vulvas don’t come completely bald and tucked-in like a little girl with small labia.

Humans are massively varied in every aspect. I think the advent of easily accessible porn has given a false idea of what people actually look like.

Ho hum. Not sure what to say, except if someone dumped someone over the appearance of their genitals, I would doubt whether the relationship had much of a chance anyway.

Recovering anorexic with a thigh gap

recovering anorexic with a thigh gapI have had body issues all my life. I am a recovering anorexic with a thigh gap and a pierced clitoris. With lots of counseling, I am finally starting to embrace my body as it is. I do still have days when things are difficult and I am disgusted by what I see in the mirror. Thankfully that is less often than before. I am hoping that sharing my picture will be a big step in my journey towards self-acceptance.

Thank you for sharing your story.

I am so glad to hear that you are becoming more accepting of your body and are making such amazing progress in embracing your body as it is.

I am also happy to hear that you were brave enough to seek professional help. Far too many women live with their struggles instead of seeking help and overcoming them.

If you ever need someone to chat to or a sympathetic ear to listen, you are welcome to get in touch with me at

Clare xo