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I hate my fat vagina

hate my fat vagina 5 hate my fat vagina 4 I hate my fat vaginaI’m 32 years old and I hate my fat vagina. I weigh 185 lbs and I have included a picture of my upper body so that you can see my vagina in perspective. It sticks out a lot to the point where I can’t wear any skin-tight pants or a swimsuit. I have not seen anything like it on your site, most of the women are not overweight and do not have so much excess fat down there.

It is fairly common among larger women to have more fat in the vulva area (as with other areas of the body). Weight distribution is not limited to only certain parts of the body and not others.

That said, from where I’m sitting, there does not appear to be anything that is a major cause for concern. If you would like to lose some of the excess fat in your vulva area, a general weight loss plan may be helpful.

With regard to your comment that most pictures on this site are of women with lower levels of fat, this site is for all women. I don’t have control over who decides to make a submission, but I welcome submissions from all women irrespective of their physiology and body types.

Clare xo 

My labia minora has a greyish black tint

labia minora has a greyish black tintI am 22 years old. My labia minora has a greyish black tint at certain areas, which I went in to get checked out, and my doctor said it was perfectly normal and that everything looked fine. I am now in a sexual relationship and he has never said anything about it, but I am constantly worried about what he may be secretly thinking. I only have sex with the lights dimmed or off so that it is not that obvious.

Based on your picture, your vulva looks normal and healthy. Spend some time looking through the submissions on this site and you will see that there is a big spectrum of variations in labia minora pigmentation, and it is very common to have darker skin in that area. 

If your partner is mature and genuinely into you, he won’t have a problem with the colour of your labia and will love you for you. The more important thing is for you to love you for you.

Clare xo

Unequal labia lengths

Almost all of my friends, myself included, have discovered that we have unequal labia lengths. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research as well, and it’s just about the most natural thing in the world. Its kind of like birthmarks or moles. It just IS. Be proud chicas 😉 Your body loves to be loved 🙂

Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love your positive attitude!

Clare xo

Proud of my vagina

proud of my vagina

24 years old and proud of my vagina. It may not be all neat and tucked in but it’s mine and gives me a lot of pleasure. Want to share as long as it’s anonymous.

Beautiful <3

Thank you for contributing to the project!

All posts are published anonymously – I have a strict policy against divulging any personal details on the site.

Clare xo



My landing strip and labia

my landing strip and labia25 years old. Thought I’d share a pic of my landing strip and labia. I used to grow my pubic hair out to hide my big labia but thanks to your site I have become confident enough to shave that area. My partner loves my new look and so do I. Thank you so much for everything that you are doing with the site. You are literally a life saver for many women.

I’m so happy to hear that my site has helped to improve your self-confidence levels 🙂 Its messages like yours that encourage me to keep the project going and to build the project from strength to strength.

Thank you for your lovely contribution.

Clare xo

Why do I have a hole in my labia?

Why do I have a hole in my labia Why do I have a hole in my labia 2 Why do I have a hole in my labia 3spreading my labiaWhy do I have a hole in my labia? I didn’t do anything to make it that way or damaged it, I noticed it in high school before I was sexually active. I am now 21 and sexually active.

Thank you for having the courage to submit. The hole could be something that you were born with or the result of early childhood trauma.

Is it causing you any physical discomfort? If so, you may want to discuss it with your gynecologist who can advise you on the best course of action. It is likely that the issue can be resolved fairly easily through a minor procedure.

Clare xo

Skin flaps sticking out of my vagina

skin flaps sticking out of my vagina

I’m 22 and I have these skin flaps sticking out of my vagina. I know they are normal and I am happy with the way I look down there. Just thought I’d share to help others.

Thank you for your lovely contribution 🙂

The more variety that is showcased on this site, the clearer the message: natural variations are totally normal and beautiful.

Clare xo

My one vagina lip is bigger than the other

I am now 14 and since I was 13 my one vagina lip is bigger than the other and it’s really long and every time I have my period it sticks to my pad and it bugs me I don’t care about the sex and all, I just want it removed but I am to embarrassed to tell my parents about it or anybody else and I don’t want surgery. I cry my self to sleep thinking that there’s no one out there like me, that I just want to die.

Firstly, you are not alone. Having one labia that is larger than the other (known as labia asymmetry) is not at all unusual.

To reduce discomfort during your period, you could try using a tampon instead of a pad. You could also wear panties that are made from an elastic material which is comfortable and supportive, as cotton material can be uncomfortable for some people.

I’m happy to hear that you don’t want surgery for this. For most people, it is something that can be managed without surgery, through minimal adjustments to their clothing and lifestyles.

Clare xo

18 years old long vagina skin flaps

long vagina skin flaps long vagina skin flaps sitting long vagina skin flaps standingI’m 18 years old and as you can see I have long vagina skin flaps. They stick out all the time whether I am standing or sitting or lying down. I would grow my pubes to hide the flaps but I prefer the clean look plus I feel it is more hygienic to keep it clean shaven. My long vagina skin flaps make me very self-conscious. Should I be considering some sort kind of surgery on my vagina? Will medical insurance cover this surgery?

Thanks for your submission 🙂

Your inner labia look to be of average size. Spend some time browsing through the submissions on this site and you will see the huge range of labia sizes out there.

If you are not experiencing physical discomfort or pain in your day to day life as a result of your labia, it is unlikely that your health insurance scheme will cover the cost of labiaplasty surgery. This type of surgery is generally considered elective surgery which is done for aesthetic reasons (except for those few people who medically require it).

Labiaplasty surgery should also be a measure of last resort for those who need it, as it is a big decision which should not be lightly taken.

It might be a good idea for you to speak to a counselor or physiologist about the issues that you are experiencing – this should be the first port of call for trying to accept and embrace your body, before looking into drastic and irreversible steps like going under the knife and surgically altering your body.

Clare xo