Pudgy outer vaginal lips

pudgy outer vaginal lipsHey everyone, I too have long inner vaginal lips and pudgy outer vaginal lips! Don’t worry! Take a look at ALL the submissions on this site by hundreds of us women that have the exact same “problem” and you will realize that it’s actually EXTREMELY normal!

I was so ashamed of my vagina that I wouldn’t even wear swimsuits without shorts til my 20’s. I worried and cried about it literally DAILY. But I feel so free now knowing it’s completely normal and accepting my body the way it is. You should too! You will feel much better if you accept yourself and don’t worry… Guys sure don’t worry about it at all!!!!

Hope this helps at least 1 girl who suffered as much as I did to realize it’s not worth ruining your life worrying over, LOVE YOURSELF!! 🙂

Thank you so much for your lovely picture and your message of support!

Clare xo

Is my vaginal opening normal? There is loose skin

is my vaginal opening normal 3 is my vaginal opening normal is my vaginal opening normal 2Is my vaginal opening normal? There is loose skin coming out of the hole. I am worried there is something wrong. I’m 22 years old and not currently sexually active. I have had sex twice before but that was when I was 19.

The skin that you are referring to appears to be the remnants of your hymen which probably tore when you had sex or engaged in another physical activity (such as cycling or horse riding).

It is not a problem to still have the remnants of your hymen. Many women do for their whole lives after their hymen is broken. There is nothing for you to worry about – everything looks normal to me.

Clare xo

How to reduce fat from my fupa

how to reduce fat from my fupaI am trying to find out how to reduce fat from my fupa (fat upper pubic area). Are there any exercises that can help with this? I don’t want to go through surgery so I am looking for another solution.

There are no specific exercises for the upper pubic area. For some people, general weight loss can help to reduce fat in all parts of the body including that area.

Based on your picture, it does not look as if you are generally overweight or have a particularly pronounced upper pubic area.

I am glad that you have at least decided that surgery is not an option for you. In my view, it is definitely not required.

Clare xo

Itchy clit

I’ve had an itchy clit for a few months. I have tried everything from going completely fragrance free with detergents, using cleansers down there, applying cortisone cream and drinking plenty of water.

My GP seems to have no clue and gave me the deer in the headlight look. In the end she chalked it up to hormones.

The only thing that makes sense to me is nerve damage. I was pierced twice on the hood, and based on my research the use of vibrators applying to much pressure causes nerve damage… and no it’s not yeast or an issue with not being clean or my pants too tight.

It sounds like you may need to see a specialist gynecologist. While some GP’s are able to advise on basic issues in the genital region, certain problems call for expert advice.

I’m not in the position to give you medical advice. What I can tell you is that it’s not usual for vibrators or other sex toys to cause nerve damage (when used as intended), so that may not be the most likely cause of the problem.

Please let me know once you have a proper diagnosis, and update me on the progression of your condition.

Clare xo

My outtie labia

Hello im 13 years old and im really scared because ive done alot of research about my outtie labia none of my friends have it and i feel really insecure im scared when im older boys will hate me for it.
what do i do im so scareddd 🙁
please help me

You are at a point in your life where you are discovering your body and your sexuality. You should not be concerned about having inner labia that protrude from your outer labia – about half of all women have the same, and it is completely normal.

My advice is that you should not rush into sex at this young age. When you eventually do have sex, make sure it is with someone caring and mature, who likes you for you. Most guys won’t care about whether your inner labia is more prominent, and those who do, are not deserving of you.

If you would like to chat more, feel free to e-mail me at clare@labiaproject.com

Clare xo

Extra skin around my clitoris area

extra skin around my clitoris areaextra skin around my clitoris area 2I’m 28 years old and all my life I thought there was something wrong with the way I looked down there. There is extra skin around my clitoris area. Since I’ve been on this website I can see I’m not alone. I’m married and have 2 children. We have a decent sex life but after 6 years of knowing my husband I still have to have sex with the lights off for fear of what he might be thinking of when he looks at me.

You are certainly not alone – there are countless variations in labia physiology, and the clitoral hood (the area you are talking about) can be more or less prominent in different people.

Since your insecurities are affecting your sex life, it might be a good idea to see a sex therapist / counsellor who can help you to overcome this issue. It might also be helpful for you to have an open and honest discussion with your husband about your insecurities. He might just surprise you by giving you the reassurance you need that he loves and accepts your body as it is.

From my side, I can assure you that everything looks absolutely normal, and you have nothing to worry about.

Clare xo

Is my vagina normal looking?

is my vagina normal lookingI’ve never really looked closely at someone else’s vagina so I’m hoping you can help me. Is my vagina normal looking? Is there anything that I should be concerned about?

Thanks for being brave enough to submit. While the picture quality of your photo is not the best, it looks like all is completely normal down there 🙂 If you would like to talk further, you are welcome to contact me anytime at clare@labiaproject.com

Clare xo

My lippy vadge

my lippy vadge 2 my lippy vadgeHere’s my lippy vadge. Happy with how I look down there. We are all unique, ladies, don’t buy into the misinformation out there about what yours should look like 🙂

Thanks for submitting!

Clare xo