I have abnormally large inner labia

I’m a 15 year old girl (a virgin) and I have abnormally large inner labia. Do guys find this gross, or do they not care? Don’t just try to make me feel better, I want the truth. I personally cannot stand the way my vagina looks.

You’re fifteen. If the only part of your body that you can’t stand is your vulva, you’re ahead of everyone else your age.

The honest truth? In your life you are likely to cross paths with some people who are turned off by your large labia, and you will find other people who will worship your body and absolutely adore your labia. But by and large, most people you cross paths with, will view your labia as an extension of you, rather than viewing you as an extension of your labia, and they simply won’t care one way or the other much at all.

The most important thing is for you to view your labia as an extension of you, rather than viewing yourself as an extension of your labia.

Larger than average labia minora size

I am a female with larger than average labia minora size. They poke out from my labia majora and sometimes a little bump is noticeable beneath panties or a swimsuit. They definitely don’t look like any other vagina I’ve seen online…

My entire sexually conscious life (im 25) I’ve felt very self conscious about my bigger lips, to a point where I don’t want to have sex in super well-lit environments unless I’m under the covers, and definitely no oral sex in the light…

Anyway, what can I do to get over this notion that my pussy is deformed and ugly?!

Your pussy is fine. It’s normal. It’s WAY more common than you think.  Most men won’t care, and any man with some maturity will embrace you as you are.

Never apologise for, or feel ashamed of a naturally occurring part of your body.

Beauty is in the imperfections, not in the boring idea of perfection.

Clare xo

Scared to let my bf see my ugly labia, flabby tummy and small boobs

flabby-tummy-small-boobsugly labiaI’m 18, 5″7 and 133 pounds. I am extremely self conscious about my body and hate almost every aspect, and therefore have never let anyone into my life before, until I met my boyfriend who I adore. We’re in a long distance relationship, and although I have sent him nudes when he asks, they’re from deceiving angles to make my waist look smaller and my butt look bigger and to hide my ugly labia. I used to be fatter, and losing weight has left me with a saggy stomach. I still have fat there, but some of it is loose skin too and when I’m on all fours it hangs down and looks awful. My boobs are small at only a 34B, I feel I look manly with my broad back and square butt. My ugly labia makes me cry, and I often have stressful dreams about cutting it off. I know my boyfriend’s preferences, petite, slim, large breasts, firm round ass. I just feel like I can’t be good enough for him.

First off, from where I’m sitting, you look like a healthy, normal woman. The media fosters unrealistic and unattainable images of women, resulting in a skewed perception of beauty.

This blog focuses on body issues relating to the labia, and you will see that there is a huge variety of labia types out there, including variations in size, texture and coloration, all of which are completely normal. 

With regard to your dreams and thoughts regarding self-harm, it may be a good idea for you to speak to a counselor, psychologist or other qualified professional who can act as a sounding board and help you to work through these difficult issues.

If it’s any comfort, I can tell you that you are not alone in experiencing these issues, as millions of women go through similar issues which is one of the reasons I started this blog.

If you would like to talk in private, please send me an e-mail at clare@labiaproject.com

Clare xoxo

Considering vaginal bleaching

vaginal bleaching vaginal lightening

I have a love hate relationship with my vaginal lips. They feel great sexually, but I have a visible bulge from my inner lips when wearing swimsuits and tight-fitting clothing. I have also considered vaginal bleaching and bleaching my anus as I have darker skin in those areas. I have heard from my beautician that it is the in-thing to do, but I have not yet had the courage to go through with it.

Recently, cosmetic treatments for the nether regions have been gaining popularity, including anal bleaching which temporarily lightens the area around the anus, and vaginal lightening creams which are becoming increasingly commercially available.

Vaginal bleaching / lightening is one of the newer treatments on the market, and while I do not personally encourage it, it is a matter of personal choice. If you do go through with it, I encourage you to make sure that you get it done by an experienced professional.

Clare xo

My body and long labia

long labia project long labia

I recently turned 18 and decided to share some pictures of my body and my long labia to mark my recovery from an eating disorder which I have struggled with for a long time as a result of body issues. I visit your site often for motivation and a reminder that I am not alone. Please keep up the good work!

Thank you for your message of encouragement and support. I am so glad that my site has helped, in a small way, to get you through your personal challenges. Feel free to message me anytime if you would like to chat about anything on your mind.

Clare xo

Ruffled inner lips

Ruffled inner lipsI have ruffled inner lips which are uneven and are more pronounced on the one side. After many years of struggling to come to terms with body, I am finally happy with how I look down there. My pussy gives me and my partner a lot of pleasure and I would not change it even if given the option.

Something odd about my labia

something odd about my labia

Ever since I was younger, I always have noticed something odd about my labia. I became sexually active at a young age, but no one has ever commented on them before. When I turned 18, I decided to get a piercing down there to help distract from my labia, which I love (it’s great sexually, too), but I still get self conscious when getting intimate with a guy. Any advice?

No two labia are identical, and variations are part of what makes us all unique and special. From where I’m sitting, your labia look completely normal. Any guy who has a different view is not deserving of your time or intimacy.

Clare xoxo

More secure about my labia

more secure about my labiaspread labia image

Your blog has really made me feel more secure about my labia. I always would try to hide them during sex because I was embarrassed. Even when my boyfriend said they looked totally normal I thought he was just saying it because he was my boyfriend. But now I know it is actually normal. I am going to help with a submission as long as it’s anonymous.

It is so encouraging to hear that this site has helped you to feel happier about yourself. Thank you for your lovely submission!

PS All submissions are published anonymously unless a submitter requests otherwise.

Clare xo

Self conscious and confused

self consciousHello, I have always been a bit self conscious about all areas of my body. I consider myself healthy and athletic; however, I still struggle with my body image and in particular my very large labia. The first time my mom noticed my labia was different (as a young child) she was kind of surprised. She said they were like a butterfly. That was the first instance I knew I was different – since I was a kid and hadn’t seen any other labia. It was only until a friend mentioned “flabby lips” recently that I thought my labia were a problem. Yes, from time to time they cause physical discomfort because of their size…but I didn’t realize they were ugly. My friend is an estetocian and said she’s seen a lot of pussy and feels sorry with women that have “beef curtains”. She has never seen my labia, but she showed me pictures on the internet of what she meant and I instantly knew my labia fit in that category. That’s when I really started to become uncomfortable with my labia. Fortunately, I have never been with a partner (I’ve had 10 different partners and am 25) who has negatively mentioned my labia. But I have been with a man who, after going down on me, went limp. It almost broke my heart. He apologized and told me how beautiful I was, which made it hurt even more because I know what he’s honestly thinking. My current boyfriend is amazing. He thinks I’m gorgeous from head to toe and tells me that everyday. He enjoys going down on me and tells me he fantasizes about my vagina. I really want to talk to him about how I feel about my labia, but I’m too embarrassed to even bring it up. I’ve thought about labiaplasty a lot. I feel like it would solve my insecurities. I would feel more confident naked. Even with panties on, you can see them hang. It’s very embarrassing. You can even see them through tight pants, which is why I usually wear loose shorts to the gym. Lastly, I work in an industry that is VERY male dominated (female to make ratio in my class was 1:7). Being around males all the time, I realize their topic of interest is women. I can tell the type of women they like. Big boobs, small waist and big butt. It also makes me feel self conscious about my small breasts…I have also considered breast augmentation. Would these surgeries not help me feel more confident and less embarrassed?

Thank you for getting in touch. What I can tell you is that you are not alone in having the insecurities that you describe – if you look around this site you will see that many women have been in the same place as you, feeling self conscious and experiencing pressure regarding society’s unrealistic expectations regarding how a woman’s body should look.

I am glad to hear that your current boyfriend is so supportive and mature. He sounds like a keeper!

With regard to the question of surgery, I suggest that you watch the labiaplasty video here to get some insights regarding this topic.

Clare xoxo