Brown discolored labia

brown discolored labia

I am very concerned about the pigmentation of my vagina. I am light-skinned all over, but I have brown discolored labia. The problem affects outer labia as well as the bottom portion of my inner labia, and I have considered skin bleaching or other steps to correct this, but I am afraid of irritating the skin which is very sensitive. The problem has been there for as long as I can remember, and none of my friends have experienced something similar as all of them have pretty pink lips. I am not concerned about the size of my labia as I know that they are within normal range. It is just the dark and uneven color that I have an issue with.

What many people out there do not know, is that in addition to normal variations in labia shape and size, there is a huge amount of variety in labia colors, all of which are normal. There are, for example, many women with darker labia minora (inner lips) and lighter labia majoria (outer lips), and vice versa. Variations in the color of the labia are often most pronounced in persons of color, but variations are also seen in Caucasian women.I urge you not to use bleaching agents or other chemicals on your most sensitive and intimate of regions. This can cause irreparable damage to your skin, and even affect the sensitivity of the area when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Ruffled inner labia

ruffled inner labiaHere are my ruffled inner labia. I have always been self-conscious about my bigger lips, and I decided to contribute my picture as a step towards becoming more comfortable with my body. What do you think?

Yet another example of the incredible variety out there! Thank you for sharing… xx

Different Labia Types

Here is a diagram of various different labia types to illustrate the huge range of variety that is out there.

From prominent puffy outer lips and completely hidden inner lips, to visible and ruffled inner lips, and everything in-between, each one is completely normal and beautiful in its own unique way.

Like snowflakes, no two people have identical vulvas or labia, and there are also many different labia types that are not even on this diagram, but are equally normal.

Do any of the vulva and lavia in the diagram look similar to yours? If not, what unique features do yours have?

different labia types

Long inner labia

long inner labia

23F. Just wanted to add my long inner labia to the project. Me and my sisters have a little bit “extra” down there, seems it is in our genes. I am comfortable and pretty happy with how I look down there, no complaints so far from any partners 🙂

Thank you for sharing. xx

Fordyce Spots on my Labia

I am new to this site, and very thankful to have found it! I am 26 years old and I am 4 months pregnant. I have noticed a steady increase of fordyce spots on my labia which scared me to no end. I am sure we have all been there at one point or another.

It really scared me at first. After a few hours of research online, I had convinced myself that what I was seeing, must have been an STD (No thanks to GOOGLE images – and many Yahoo answers).

Needless to say, I was prepared for less than good news… three pap tests and some blood work later – when I was given the diagnosis of fordyce spots, I was very relieved.

Sadly, the fordyce spots on my labia are quite prominent and can be a little uncomfortable at times, but I wanted to post here to hopefully give hope to other females living with this condition.

I always encourage people to speak to a doctor instead of self diagnosing, because whether the news is good or bad, it is always better to have an accurate answer. There is nothing to be scared of, I promise.

If you end up with the diagnosis of herpes or warts (seems to be the biggest fear I have read so far) there are treatments that can be done, and lots of support.

To you guys out there that are embarrassed by the spots, no need! You are all unique and if your partner truly cares, he will think nothing of it. It is cosmetic, and harmless.

Thank you for sharing your experience. You are correct that fordyce spots are only cosmetic and are completely harmless. The best policy when you think something might be wrong is to seek a professional opinion from a doctor – the conclusions of self-diagnosis are more often incorrect than correct, which is why even doctors who are sick (and are themselves medical experts), see other doctors for an opinion instead of diagnosing themselves!

I regret getting a labiaplasty

I have been so insecure about myself for many years that I finally had a labiaplasty. The doctor didn’t take any loose skin from around my clit, just where the penis enters in… so it still looks weird and I’m even more embarrassed than before. But the only difference now, is that I lost feeling to the point where I can barely ever orgasm, they took so much off that i actually tear the flesh when me and my husband have sex. I regret getting a labiaplasty and I’m so unhappy…

If i would have known that i was going to meet a man that loved me as I was, I would have never had the surgery. Because of the pain from this, its really hard to stay wet because my attention is on the pain instead of enjoying my husband. He always thinks he’s doing something wrong, and I will forever live with this insecurity and shame because i know i did this to myself.

Not only have I always been embarrassed to go to doctors, but now I am even so embarrassed to even show it to my own husband!

But there is so much more to a person than the outward appearance, Thank God!!

Thank you for sharing your story, and I am so sorry for the challenges you have had. Hopefully your story will help visitors to the site think much more carefully before taking the huge step of having surgery in their most intimate of regions.

The solution to these issues is often an internal solution (a change of self-perception and attitude) rather than an external cosmetic solution. An internal solution can come from trying to embrace your body and uniqueness, but sometimes requires you to talk to a professional (such as a psychologist or counselor). This is often better than to go ahead with the surgery and later regret getting a labiaplasty, as it can’t be undone once it has been done. xx

My labia minora

my labia minoraOne of my labia minora is a bit longer than the other and no guys have ever said anything to me about it.  I used to be pretty self-conscious about it and would always want to do everything with the lights off… lol.  But with my current bf who I’ve been with 3 years,  I actually mentioned it to him and he said he never even really noticed.  They all come in different sizes and he doesn’t mind one bit.

I have uneven labia

uneven labiaI have been very concerned for a long time about my uneven labia. my right labia is bigger than my left labia and it sticks out. I understand that labia come in different sizes, but what worries me is that at it should at least be the same on both sides. I feel like a freak, and I do not keep my pubic hair clean shaven as this shows my uneven labia more clearly, and pubic hair makes this less obvious.

Normal variations in labia sizes include differences in one person’s labia, in terms of size, as well as colour and texture. It is not uncommon for a person to have one side of the labia minora bigger than the other, and you have no cause to be concerned.

That being said, if you feel more comfortable keeping some pubic hair, you should do so, but from an aesthetic perspective, there is no need to do so in order to divert attention from your uneven labia.


Problem with my labia

problem with my labiaI’m 22 years old and have a problem with my labia. I have always thought mine were different to others, from my friends to pictures I have seen whilst researching, I know lots of people ask the same question but I feel like I actually have a problem. My labia are about a inch in length when standing up, they are a pink/purple colour and are very wrinkled. I’m too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about this situation. I sometimes feel discomfort with them in the way I sit or the clothing I wear and I’m of course extremely self conscious. I am constantly worried about what my sexual partner thinks, and I have contemplated getting surgery done for both a self esteem issue and to free me from the irritation with I encounter daily. Any advice?

The average labia size ranges from 3/4 of an inch in length to 2 inches in length. Yours are well within this range, and as you will see from this site, there are women out there with larger labia than yours who are also completely normal. You can address any discomfort by wearing looser fitting clothing and cotton underwear that does not fit too tightly over your genital area. With regard to your worries about what your partner will think, most guys don’t actually in fact take as much notice as you might think, and if your partner does have a problem with it, he is clearly not the right guy for you. xx