Protrusion from my vaginal opening

protrusion from my vaginal openingI am 23 years old and I have had this for as long as I can remember. There are small pieces of skin that form a protrusion from my vaginal opening. It does not hurt at all and I can still easily insert a tampon.

I have been ashamed of this my entire post-pubescent life and I am curious about whether this is at all normal. Do I need to build up the courage and seek a doctor? I am thinking of becoming sexually active soon but I am currently a virgin so I know that it cannot be a sexually transmitted disease.

Based on your picture, all looks normal. It is not unusual for there to be a slight protrusion of tissue at the entrance of the vulva.

That being said, given your age and plans to become sexually active soon, it would be a good idea to start going for regular annual check-ups with a gynecologist.

At the same time, you could ask about your concern and get a professional medical opinion to put you at ease.

Clare xo

My vagina is loose after childbirth

my vagina is loose after childbirth roast-beef-vaginaI am 28 yrs old. I have had two vaginal births and my vagina is loose after childbirth and much looser compared to 5 years ago. I have small amount of urine leakage daily and I don’t feel adequate or “tight enough” during intercourse. Is surgery the answer? Are there other ways to fix my problem?

The vulva undergoes changes over time, and childbirth can result in physiological changes, especially when there has  been tearing of the tissue. Many women are quick to undergo vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal tightening procedures shortly after giving birth.

However, this is not always necessary. There are exercises known as kegel exercises that can be done to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor, which can result in a “tightening” of the vaginal canal and can also address urinal incontinence (the leaking of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing).

To do kegel exercises, first identify your pelvic floor muscle by stopping urination mid-stream. Once you have done so, you can do kegel exercises just about anywhere by tightening your pelvic floor muscles, holding the contraction seconds, and then relaxing. At first, hold and relax for five seconds at a time each. Try it about five times. As your kegels strengthen over time, try contracting for 10 seconds at a time and relaxing for 10 seconds.

Let me know if this helps!

Clare xo

One inner labia longer than the other

For years I was worried about the appearance of my pussy and whether it is normal to have one inner labia longer than the other.

It worried me at first, particularly because I guess I thought men might think it looked strange. Or maybe even that there was something wrong with it.

But, you know, it doesn’t hurt me at all, and I think female genitals just aren’t meant to look neat and tidy.

And quite frankly, if a guy is lucky enough to be in a position to notice, he shouldn’t be complaining.

I agree with you 100%. Mainstream media portray a distorted image of the human body, and mainstream porn portrays a distorted picture of the female genitalia.

Tiny, tucked-in symmetrical labia minora are not the norm, and asymmetry is part of normal variations in the human body. 

This site aims to help spread that message so that women everywhere are able to embrace their diversity 🙂

Clare xo

Loose skin sticking out of my vagina

loose skin sticking out of my vagina loose-skin-sticking-out-of-my-vaginaMy lady area seems to look abnormal. I’m scared to have sex as I get uncomfortable about what my partner may think. I would like to know if it is a normal looking vagina and if I have too much loose skin sticking out of my vagina. Please be honest as I would like to know what is normal and if I’m just hiding away for no reason. Thank you for your help. Please keep my post anonymous.

Labia minora that protrude from the labia majora are completely normal. Based on your pictures, it looks like you have a healthy normal vulva, and nothing to worry about.

Clare xo

(P.S. I keep all posts anonymous by default, unless specifically requested otherwise).

My labia has gotten looser and longer

After three children and becoming older, my labia has gotten looser and longer. I was ignoring it at first because I realized that it was due to child birth but it has gotten to the point that I am ashamed to wear swimsuits because it is visible. It’s also uncomfortable to wear tight clothes.

I feel like my body is deformed or like I have an illness. I think it’s affecting my self confidence, not to mention my relationship with my husband. I don’t feel attractive anymore.

I think I’m going to get surgery. I have never had surgery and the idea of having it shaved off and the nerves that are present there is really scary. But it’s also having a very negative affect on my psychology and quality of life. I think I will have to go through this.

It sounds like the size of your labia is affecting you both psychologically and physically, and is affecting your quality of life. While labiaplasty should, in my view, be a measure of last resort, I will not try and discourage you from doing it as I have not walked in your shoes.

My advice, however, is to think very carefully about it and do extensive research before going ahead, as it is a drastic procedure that cannot be reversed. If you ultimately go ahead, you should be well-informed about what it entails.

Clare xo

Extreme pain in my vaginal area

Hi Clare. A few days ago I felt an extreme pain in my vaginal area. The left labia minora was very swollen, and there is a longish kind of stiff lump that I can see a tiny bit of outside of my vagina at times, but usually is just inside and extends all the way to as far as I can reach. It hurts so bad when I put pressure on it. And when I sit or put any pressure on that area, I get an excruciating pain. Sometimes it extends into my lower stomach, like under my belly button.

Also, it has an odd smell, like a gross kind of smell. It isn’t very bad if I shower a couple times a day, and the pain seems to lessen if I start to spot a little, but I am really worried. What could this be? I am away at school right now, and so if it is something I can take care of myself, it saves me a ton of money I would have to use to go home and see a specialist.

Please help me. The pain is really horrible. And at first sex was only initially painful when my boyfriend first entered, but we tried again and I can’t even handle that. It feels like I am being stabbed.

It sounds like you may have an infection of some sort, but I am not a doctor so I can’t help you with a diagnosis. Based on my own research, the symptoms that you describe can be caused by a variety of different conditions.

I suggest that you make an appointment with a gynecologist sooner rather than later (despite your concerns around cost) so that you can get a proper diagnosis and expert advice on how to deal with this before it develops further.

Please keep me updated on how things go.

Clare xo

Loving my labia

loving my labiaI used to be so insecure about my body, in particular the size of my labia.  I used to avoid intimacy with my partners because of it.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 47 y/o) I have become much more comfortable in my own skin and learned to appreciate and love them.  I think they’re beautiful!

I recently found your site and decided to contribute.  Thank you everyone for your contributions.  You are all beautiful!

Thank you for your lovely contribution 🙂

Clare xo

Sex causing stretched labia

1 2My b/f and I have a very active sex life and do it several times a day sometimes. I’ve been noticing lately that my labia seem to be more stretched and hang a little lower than before. Does anyone know if this can happen from a lot of sex or is it just my imagination? My b/f says I look “ragged out” down there. Nice, huh? Is sex causing stretched labia?

The vulva is a flexible organ – remember, it is an organ which can stretch out to the point of an entire human being fitting out of it.

Your labia minora are very unlikely to change appearance as a result of sex, and the appearance of your labia minora (and changes that you experience) are largely determined by genetics and the normal development of your body over time.

I’m sorry to say this, but it sounds like your boyfriend is ignorant and insensitive.

Clare xo

Differences in vulvas

differences in vulvasI’m a midwife. I see vulvas all day everyday and there is no “normal” set of labia. What you see in porn has been specifically selected or has been altered with plastic surgery to look “perfect”. But differences in vulvas are as vast as differences in breasts or facial features or anything else. Your vulva is beautiful because it is yours. And if your partner has a problem with that, then they really aren’t a very nice partner. Here’s a pic of mine.

As someone who sees the female anatomy every day in a professional capacity, you are in the unique position to be able to dispel myths that women out there have regarding what the average vulva looks like. Thank you for your contribution to the project 🙂

Clare xo

White spots on the outside of my vagina

Hi! I’m 15 and I have 3 weird white spots on the outside of my vagina. They’re not pimples and aren’t actually a bump. I’m a virgin and am to embarrassed to ask my mom what’s wrong. Please help! I know it’s not herpes or vaginal thrush, but I’ve don’t research online and can’t find anything that looks like what I have. It’s almost like a blister but I’ve had them for over a year now and they haven’t shown any sign of going away. Please help.

It sounds like you may have fordyce spots, which are raised bumps or spots that often appear on the labia. Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands which are not associated with any disease or illness and are not a cause for concern health-wise.

It may be a good idea for you to see a gynecologist or dermatologist to confirm that this is all they are.

Clare xo