My vagina in all its glory

my vaginamy vagina in all its glory

Here is my vagina in all its glory from two different angles. As you can see, I have big inner lips which stick out. This has never been a problem for me as growing up, I was always aware that many of the females in my life also have larger inner lips. However, when wearing swimsuits and very tight-fitting clothing, a bulge would be very visible, and I would sometimes feel like I am getting stares, especially from men. In the summer months, I generally wear looser fitting clothing and swimsuits with thicker lining to make it less obvious.

Thank you for sharing. I!

Clare xx

My labia minora are hidden

my labia minora are hiddenMy labia minora are hidden except when I spread my outer lips. This seems to have become more pronounced due to my weight gain since having a baby. As you can see, my labia minora barely peek out when my legs area spread. I had more pronounced labia minora before I had a baby and they were visible without spreading my outer lips. I have become insecure about my body in general, and my vagina in particular. My husband still says that he likes my body and our sex life is still enjoyable for both of us. I am trying to lose some weight and I will post “after” pictures in a few months to share the changes to my body.

Our bodies change with age, and it is not unusual for the appearance of your vulva (note: this is the technically correct term for the visible parts, and not vagina) to change over time. Weight¬†gain that comes with childbirth can affect various parts of our bodies including the appearance of the vulva.¬† It would be great if you send through updated pics in a few months, but don’t set unrealistic expectations of yourself when it comes to losing weight and trying to turn back the clock. My advice would be to embrace your uniqueness, live a healthy life, and enjoy your body!

Clare xx

Indian labia

indian labia indian labia 2

I am of Indian descent, and I guess the dark pigmentation of my labia is a result of my heritage. Here are two pictures of my Indian labia – one in the standing position, and one which shows them spread open.

Thank you for sharing – dark coloration in labia is most prevalent among those with non-Caucasian heritage, but variations in labia color can occur in persons of all ethnic groups.

Clare xx

Called my labia beef curtains

beef curtains

Here is a picture of my labia. I was intimate with a guy for the first time at the age of 15. He did not say anything negative at the time, but after we broke things off, I heard a rumour that he had told people that I have beef curtains. I had not heard the term before that, but it was very hurtful coming from somebody who I had opened up to and shared my intimate side with. I developed a body complex after hearing this, and was unable to be intimate with somebody again for a long time. 10 years later, I still have days when I feel insecure about the size of my labia minora, but I have come a long way in coming to terms with my body. I hope to someday be able to say that I am completely happy with my body.

I am sorry to hear that you were subjected to such ignorance. It is clear that the guy was very inexperienced, and worse still, he breached your in a huge way by talking about your intimate area to other people and using the derogatory term beef curtains. As you can see from this site, your labia minora are not abnormal in any way, and I do wish you well on your journey in coming to terms with what mother nature has blessed you with.

My inner lips stick out

inner lips stick out I am 19 years old and I have hated my vagina for as long as I can remember. As you can see from my picture, my inner lips stick out from my outer lips and the folds can be clearly seen. This is the case even when I am not aroused, and when I am aroused, it is much worse as it becomes much more obvious. I have considered seeing a plastic surgeon to get advice on what can be done to fix this, but I have done some research online and I know that it is a very expensive procedure.

Before you take any steps to alter your body, I ask that you spend a few minutes looking through the pictures on this site, which show the incredible variety of normal labia out there. Yours are certainly not different from the norm, and are in fact much smaller than many of the submissions featured on this site.

If you would like to chat further, please drop me an e-mail on

Clare xx.

Brown discolored labia

brown discolored labia

I am very concerned about the pigmentation of my vagina. I am light-skinned all over, but I have brown discolored labia. The problem affects outer labia as well as the bottom portion of my inner labia, and I have considered skin bleaching or other steps to correct this, but I am afraid of irritating the skin which is very sensitive. The problem has been there for as long as I can remember, and none of my friends have experienced something similar as all of them have pretty pink lips. I am not concerned about the size of my labia as I know that they are within normal range. It is just the dark and uneven color that I have an issue with.

What many people out there do not know, is that in addition to normal variations in labia shape and size, there is a huge amount of variety in labia colors, all of which are normal. There are, for example, many women with darker labia minora (inner lips) and lighter labia majoria (outer lips), and vice versa. Variations in the color of the labia are often most pronounced in persons of color, but variations are also seen in Caucasian women.I urge you not to use bleaching agents or other chemicals on your most sensitive and intimate of regions. This can cause irreparable damage to your skin, and even affect the sensitivity of the area when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Ruffled inner labia

ruffled inner labiaHere are my ruffled inner labia. I have always been self-conscious about my bigger lips, and I decided to contribute my picture as a step towards becoming more comfortable with my body. What do you think?

Yet another example of the incredible variety out there! Thank you for sharing… xx

Different Labia Types

Here is a diagram of various different labia types to illustrate the huge range of variety that is out there.

From prominent puffy outer lips and completely hidden inner lips, to visible and ruffled inner lips, and everything in-between, each one is completely normal and beautiful in its own unique way.

Like snowflakes, no two people have identical vulvas or labia, and there are also many different labia types that are not even on this diagram, but are equally normal.

Do any of the vulva and lavia in the diagram look similar to yours? If not, what unique features do yours have?

different labia types