Inner labia aroused

inner labia arousedI love this project! The human body is a gross and beautiful thing all at once, but IMO far more beautiful than gross 😉

I’m 24. There are some things I used to hate about my body, but in the past few years I’m happy with it most of the time.

Here’s my kitty! This is after coaxing her out of her shell a bit, given some good lovin. Normally I barely have a labia minora to speak of. I have what I’ve considered a tiny vulva, but it’s one part of me I’ve always loved 🙂

Huge clit hood

huge-clit-hood-3huge clit hood huge-clit-hood

I have always been self conscious about the way my vulva looks, but it seems like there’s quite a bit of variety here. Anyway, I’m 25. I feel like I have a huge clit hood that’s visible even when my legs are closed (if I’m just standing, etc). And then my inner labia are kind of long, and one is longer than the other. I do often worry about what partners will think.

Thank you for contributing to the project. From where I’m sitting, you are completely normal and have absolutely nothing to worry about. Any partner deserving of your intimacy will embrace you for who you are, both inside and out.

Clare xo

Why does my labia minora stick out?

why does my labia minora stick out 2014-03-25-01-24-11-1 2014-03-25-01-26-38

Hi there! Is it possible to tell me why does my labia minora stick out? It was not always this way, and I noticed my labia minora growing during my early teen years. Does it serve a purpose health-wise? Is it something I should be worried about? Some of my friends also have labia minora that stick out so at least I know I am not the only one.

Variations in labia minora size, and changes in labia minora size size through the body’s development, are completely normal.

About half of all women have labia minora that protrude from their labia majora to some extent.

While they do not serve a specific purpose health-wise, bigger labia minora can sometimes result in increased sensitivity and sexual pleasure, as there are many nerve endings located in the labia minora which are concentrated in the clitoral area.

In short, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about 🙂

Clare xo

I have a puffy vagina

puffy vagina fat outer labia puffy labia

My husband tells me that I have a fat private area. I am embarrassed by that. I am always wondering why I have a puffy vagina like a blow fish rather than having a pretty flat perfect vagina.

My labia major are big and my clit is big too. Nothing hangs out its all kept inside itself.

Sometimes when I have sex I can be really wet but because my puffy vagina is big its hard for my partners penis to even get wet causing some pain.

I really don’t like this.

The appearance of the vulva (the visible portion of the vagina) is largely genetically determined, and there are many variations out there. The comment by your husband sounds insensitive. Perhaps you should show him this site to help educate him regarding the insecurities that comments like that can cause.

With regard to your pain during sex, I suggest trying out a water-based lubricant. Apply generously to your partner and yourself before penetration.

Clare xo

Fat outer labia

labia majora piercing fat outer labia

I’m 18 and I have fat outer labia. As you can see from my pics, my outer lips are really puffy. Is that normal? I’ve seen other girls and they don’t stick out that far. When I wear underwear or bathing suit they almost don’t fit in the sides. My inner lips are almost not even there, do other girls have the same problem and what do you do about undies or suites? I’m not overweight or big I weigh 105 and am 5′ 2″. I got a labia majora piercing to try and take attention away from my fat outer labia but I am still self conscious about it.

You are perfectly normal. In picking out bathing suits, make sure the crotch is wide and will cover everything. Try a couple different styles of bottoms on while wearing a thong, that way you can see the way they’ll actually fit, and you’ll be able to find which works best for you and has the amount of coverage you’re looking for.

Clare xo

Inner labia discomfort in panties

inner labia discomfort in panties winter-15-16-44I often experience discomfort from my inner labia. I have pain after sports activities, and it becomes like blisters and I experience inner labia discomfort in panties and when I wear tight-fitted pants pants.

I have tried all sorts of panties. Some are more comfortable than others. But it is much more comfortable without panties. But recently I have begun to be pantyless under my clothes as often as I can. When I have a skirt or dress, then I wear panties. But otherwise, I usually go without panties, it’s more comfortable without panties.

I do not want to risk having my bum visible, therefore I avoid thongs when I wear a skirt or dress and I rather wear bigger panties when I wear a skirt or dress. I often wear thong under my pants or shorts.

But nowadays, I’m almost always pantyless when I wear pants or shorts. But it can be painful in any case. I sometimes still get such a pain in my inner lips when I wear jeans or other tight pants or tight shorts, even though I’m not wearing any panties.

There are many ways to avoid experiencing discomfort inner labia discomfort in panties. You may wish to try panties with a wider crotch panel and more cushioning, and underwear made  of more stretchy material which provides better support.

Another method that may help is to apply baby powder before wearing tight-fitting clothes. It’s a little complicated to get in the right spots, but to apply it, lie on your back on the bed and put your feet over your head and powder up that way. Do it over a towel. It makes life in tight jeans so much better.

Keeping dry down there is also important. Also avoid washing with any soaps or body washes that have chemicals that can disrupt he natural PH.

Hope I could help!

Clare xo

Inner vagina lip that sticks out

inner vagina lip that sticks outI have an inner vagina lip that sticks out. I hate the way it looks, but I’ve done my research and learned they can be small and tiny or be very hangy and loose. To all of those people who think that lots of sex can cause a bigger vagina lips, I can count the amount of men I’ve had sex with on two hands. My vagina lips have always been the same.

You are normal and beautiful, and I hope that you will one day see that. You are absolutely right that sexual intercourse does not cause the labia to get larger or cause other visible physiological changes to the vulva or the labia.

The vulva is very flexible (it is made to expand during childbirth), so no amount of sex can cause the labia to get bigger. The idea that bigger labia is a sign of promiscuity is a myth.

Clare xo